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Directing efforts towards
our client's needs

Construmarbel is a working company in Marbella with a solid business development in high-quality individual refurbishment in this area in the Costa del Sol. Professionalism, provide with a good service and the ability of developing tailor-made projects meeting the needs of every client are the key to their success. Specialising in the housing sector determines Construmarbel’s way, where design and a quality finish are its identifying marks. Experience and commitment to our client’s goals are likewise the hallmark of our house in every single project, together with a thorough commitment to budget, quality and deadlines. A thorough control in managing all professionals involved in every phase of the project, by using the very systems and methods from big companies, allows offering our client the best possible service. Construmarbel designs its own tools for on site management, which generate accurate information on the development of every project in real time.

In addition to individual refurbishment, Construmarbel’s services also include construction of new work and integral restoration of houses and local premises. Their extensive presence and experience in Marbella make them experts in both fields. And of course, all of it supported by Construmarbel’s unique method and a team of professionals with an extensive experience, both developing large projects and small tailor-made works. Construmarbel, care for details and accuracy in a constant searching of excellence.

David Loriente Cequier

Throughout some other stages of my life, I have collected experience by managing big projects on site in Marbella and its surroundings. This has allowed me to achieve an essential knowledge to keep improving my work. Succeeding in carrying off the complexity of a big project needs an accurate, meticulous management that keeps and eye on every single moment of it. Construmarbel brings this know-how to all of our projects. We use the very methods and control systems from big companies in each one of those, regardless of their size, to meet budgets, deadlines and quality expected. Directing efforts towards our client’s needs and a professional thorough control determine the nature of Construmarbel’s team. A unique nature I would like to show you on your next construction project.


A solid business development in construction and high-quality individual refurbishment.


A multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals with an extensive experience
at your project’s disposal.


The highest quality standards and the best professionals for building your house.


Commited to our clients’ needs. Accurate with projects deadlines.


Innovation, accuracy and meticulous management. A guarantee for your projects.


Tailor-made projects, accurate management and high-quality construction just at the right price.